Thursday, 2 June 2011

Wishing for Spring

I have a cold and its truly starting to be winter in Melbourne.So I'm longing for warmer weather already, but I have months to wait. I'm packing away my summer clothing and I'm finding I have very little clothing suitable for winter. I keep trying to remember what I wore last winter, but all I can remember are jeans and jumpers and that I hated that I could never find jeans that fit. 


Why:  Since I lived in Newcastle I’m no longer a winter person, I feel the cold all the time. Last year I was impatiently waiting for spring because I knew it meant summer, we had moved house in July and were attempting to put out stamp on the new place. Michael agreed to buy me four (they were buy 1 get on free) cherry blooms as they were a sure sign of spring and reminded me of Japan.
What: They are in my backyard looking very sad. They have been infected with Cherry Tree slugs again and the spiders have moved in as well. I think they need to go in the ground. But I don't have anywhere to put them.  This weekend I'm going to give them a good spray to get rid of the pest and see if I can find somewhere to plant them.
When: September 2011
Want: Yes but I don't think I'm giving them the best home.

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