Monday, 30 May 2011

Hunting: is settling on the not quite right product better than finding the perfect item.

Do you ever get the feeling your want something and then it moves from a “hmm I'd really like to have [random item]” to “I need [random item], Now!” and then the hunting begins.
Sometimes it a normal hunt, you keep your eyes out for it when you happen to be shopping and that is the extent of your looking. But then there are the times when you look in every shop you can thinking of whenever you have a free moment and it becomes quite frenzied. 

I get struck with this more often than I would like. It can range from shoes to jackets and even household goods. Murphy’s law means as soon as I decided to want it I can’t find it anywhere. The longer it takes the more I want it, and my expectations raise as well. Two recent items that sent me slightly nutty were needed for my trip to Japan. One was are a good pair of cute ballet flats for walking, the other was a match everything I own jacket. I started early because I had a deadline, but slowly time slipped away and I hadn’t found either.

I then started to get frantic.  With the shoes, I started to think of alternates to what I had decided I wanted, I looked at outfit photos online and decided I could handle a pair of loafers. This sent me on another whirlwind tour of shops to no avail. In the end I purchased a pair I had seen at the start and at the time of purchase as far as I was concerned I was settling.
The jacket was different again, I found plenty but they were never the right size, shape or colour. Until I saw a photo of exactly what I wanted and when it came in it was perfect. The only drawback was the price, for the make and materials used I felt it was a bit costly. I purchase it anyway because in my eyes it was perfect.

The results ended up being slightly backwards. I love the shoes and live in them, they are the best shoes I own and I will be getting another pair soon, These are the shoes I “settled on”
While the jacket ended up being less adaptable than I felt it should be, I wear it but not in the way or amount I had planned when I imagined it.

It makes me wonder where does this frantic need for something come from? Is it really a good indicator of something I will use frequently or are those random chance finds just as good or better. Did the shoes turn out so wonderfully because I didn't have high expectations for them?

The Cute Mouse gets the Cheese  

WhyIt was too cute!
What: It sits on the a shelf, I have used it once or twice but I keep thinking it’s too nice to use. This is a bit weird for me as I think something only has real value when I use it.
When: Feb 2011
Want: YES! Have you seen how cute the mouse is

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