Sunday, 31 July 2011

Friday, 29 July 2011

Back to 0

So I made it back to 0, it wasn't easy. I was worried I may have a shopping explosion, this is how I refer to the times when I go shopping and don’t consider what I’m buying or that cost. It’s the when you go from shop to shop buying anything that catches your eye, it’s binge shopping. Not healthy at all.
I was really itching to buy something last weekend, in the end I in caved and went shopping but ended up buying nothing! I just kept reminding myself that I was dipping into this fortnight and found nothing I wanted enough to do that.
Yesterday with a clean spending slate I went to Glasson’s to get one (or maybe both) of the dresses I posted about and found that had sold out totally in my size (and for the orange dress in all sizes) within a week of release (I knew they were awesome.) I don’t feel upset and I’m not feeling like I can’t live without them. It just proves once again the world won’t end if I don’t own something. And that’s what this is all about really, reminding myself I don’t need possessions to be happy.
I will admit that I truly believe that when I’m wearing something that I think makes me look good, I feel good and I’m more confident which allows me to achieve better results in many places, but as I also posted before I have learnt even if when I’m not sure I like what I’m wearing if I make it my own I will have the same results. So just to remind myself possessions aren’t everything
On to a lighter note, for the past week Lincraft have had a ½ price sales for the past week, When I first saw it I got a little too happy, realising it might result in an explosion, I went in armed with only my camera. I went thought all the fabric took a photo and left. For the past week I have been matching the fabric with patterns. This has helped arrow down what I could buy as I didn’t’ want to buy too much fabric without a plan. I have posted below what I came up with:

Thursday, 21 July 2011

In the blink of an eye its gone!

I blew my budget in 2 days!

As i mentioned in the last post I had already spend $34, but I then placed an order for a custom made winter coat which cost $135 including express post. This left me with $131.... which i then spent at the hairdressers.
I now have Ombré hair, it was spur of the the moment.

I have really like it on Drew Barrymore (when she had it) but didn't think it was  for me, I wanted red hair that was low maintenance and that resulted in this:

PS: Sorry for the crappy photos taken in the bathroom of my work....

Not sure if I like it yet, but its growing on me. What do you think of Ombré hair is it a good look or a bit silly?
Also why does my hair never feel like its getting longer! I want long long hair.

Friday, 15 July 2011


 I should start but saying I'm not in debt, I don't have any huge amount of money owing that will force me to stop spending. This blog is solely about overcoming my mild shopping addiction that I have identified I have. While I may not have debt I'm in a situation where I can spend/waste a lot of money. I have my bills and some savings coming out of my account the day I get paid, but after that it’s pretty much total freedom with spending. I should be saving a lot more then I am, the amount I save is pretty good, but the way I handle my money means I’m often dipping into it.
I have time and time again sat down and written out a budget for where all my money should  go, planned it all out and then done nothing with it. I don't having anything against them they just don't work for me. I know some people get off on them, can't live without them and wouldn't dare spend money from the wrong area on something else. We each have our thing and mine is not budgeting.  
I having been feeling the pressure to stop buying things close in on me this past few weeks, it's totally created by myself, but I feel guilty when I buy but if i don't my it i feel frustrated. This is most likely because in June it's my birthday and I go a little crazy with the spending.  Once that is passed I feel the need to slow down a bit, but find it really hard to switch mind sets from “buy everything you want it's your birthday” to “OK, birthday over back to normal” - it's almost like a shopping hang over. It was my payday and I wanted to buy some things but was already beating myself up over it.   
Then it occurred me, rather than a budget I just need a limit for my spending, I know it’s not rocket science, and to most of you it would be quite obvious, but to me it was the answer I had been looking for.  So I set myself a fortnightly limit of $300 to spend on anything I want. This does not include food or entertainment, more things like hair, makeup and clothing and books. I know this might seem high to some and low to others but to me it’s new and helps me feel in control and relived. If I find I have heaps left over at the end I can put it aside and save up or something big. If I find I'm hitting the limit every fortnight then thats fine to, maybe I need to review why, but I will deal with that when it happens.

So far this fortnight I have spent $34 and its about to jump up another $135 later today.

And here something I own:

Why: I was told about a lipstick pencil by a friend in the lipstick Queen range, I brought it and loved it. When I went back I found that it was no longer available (This always happens.) The lady in the store suggested I try this one instead, and I love it. This is my second tube. Its tinted balm and its prefect. After my first one run out I tried a few cheaper brands, as $34 is a lot for a balm but they all had perfume in them and nothing was good enough.
What: I use it every day.
Want: Yep.

Friday, 8 July 2011

I'll take the lot!

Do you ever walk into a store (chain) and find yourself thinking I could wear almost everything in here? Sometimes it easy to go window shopping. Walking in an out of shops seeing one or two things that are OK, but you can resist and live without them, other times I find it really hard. I went into Glassons on the weekend and it was one of those times. They have a 50s and 60s theme going at the moment so the cut and shape are what I like, but really it's the colours that have me.
So much for Melbourne being the city of black, this winter it’s been the last colour I wanted to wear. Instead I have been favoring navy, rusty reds, burnt yellow, creams and greens… pretty much anything without pink tones. (nothing wrong with pink its just not what my brain wants!)
Getting back to my point, I'm struggling with that fact I want to own half the clothing in Glassons at the moment but I have no need for any of it. I was in a need of a few jumpers but last week I found two for $7 each and purchased the Laura Ashley one I had been eying off.

Here is my brief(Lol!) list of what I want from Glassons

I tried both of these dresses one and they fit (apart from the fact that they sit 5 inches from my knees.) I think the first one I could add some chunky lace to make it a but longer but they are both really pretty.

These two skirts I have not tired on. I think I will either love or hate them when i put them on, I like them because they are outside of my current zone of comfort.

These two top I tried on in smaller sizes than the models wear for a fitted feel and I want one of each in all the colours they have on offer. (I want that red skirt, but its not for sale anymore... at least not on the website.)

So after I sat down to make a list of what I liked I find its not as long as i thought it would be. I guess this is a process we go through in the change room, but when you window shop miss out on?

Well I'm going o continue to resist the urge to buy the lot and maybe settle on one jumper?

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My Heart Closet

A few weeks ago I ordered this dress for myself a birthday present (yes I buy myself presents)


I knew I wanted it but I was unsure of what colour to get. I loved the green in the photo, but didn't know if I could wear that much green. I love navy but I thought I already owned a lot of… in the end my friend Alison came to the rescue and suggested navy with a cream collar. As soon as she said it I didn't want anything else. (They didn't have cream but off white worked just as well)

I measured myself maybe 100 times before I sent my details and the dress is a perfect fit.

If you need a dress and want something custom fitted I would recommend this Etsy shop as a good place to look. That said I would also recommend Leah May who is based here in Melbourne at the moment as well. I have two dresses from her that I love and live in, I need to take photos of them for here soon.

The brooch in the photo is a birthday present from Alison, it is what the watch I listed in my last post replaced.