Wednesday, 8 October 2008

This Blog is.....


In the past month I have had a few people tell me I own a lot more than most people. I knew I had a bit of a shopping problem but I was cutting down and didn't think it was that bad. I then started to look around and thought OK, so maybe I do have a bit too much.

I was sitting at work one day and I really had to urge to shop. I work in an office on Bourke St in Melbourne so shops are in every direction. I normally justify it by by listing the reason I need something, "I need a new lip gloss, I can't find my other one and will use them both anyway. also would be nice to have a new colour..." with this train of thought not only would I get a replacement I would have gotten another one just for a colour change. Of course this was all just a reason to go to the shops once there no reason not to look around....

I then thought no I will just look for the current one when I get home.

Problem solved.... or so I thought.

About half and hour later I wanted to shop again and already had something else in mind I needed and had to have that day. I then started to think of all the things I own, and why I didn't need anything and an idea came to me.

Every time I had the urge to shop, I would take a photo of something I owned to remind me of how much I already have. I took photos in that afternoon and evening alone. I started to realise I needed to put this somewhere and maybe go a step further and ask

Why I brought the item

When I got it

What I currently use it for and if it not used what I can use it for.

Do I still want it and can I sell/Donate it

So while this blog as initially a shopping list, it is not going to be my shopping preventer.

Old Post

A Place for me to collect and collate my wants and compare them to my needs. In other words this may just end up being a giant shopping list. But for now I just want a place to store it.