Saturday, 5 March 2011

Playing around with things I don't wear

One new addition which has been the drive behind all my shopping trips the past few weeks is the shoes in the photos above. With the holiday to Japan approaching soon I realised my trusty brown shoes were not going to cut the trip (the holes gave it away).  I remembered how sore my feet were after each day of walking last time and realised I needed something with support and cushion.

You would think it would be easy to find shoes, but it wasn’t it. Being a size 10-11 already reduces the range, but no matter where I looked, high price range to low, nothing looked good. At one stage I even contemplated getting son CROCS, I know sounds bad but they have one niceish pair.

Then after I just about gave up I realised maybe I was the problem, I had boxed myself into an idea of what shoes would look good on me and didn't try any other style. I live in ballet flats, as aside from being cheap and comfy, they add no extra width or length to my feet.  They also had to have a rounded to, as for some reason I'm drawn to round toed shoes.  With this mindset I had pretty much ruled out a lot of shoes.
So to break out of my comfort zone I picked up pair of shoes which had a chunky feel to them, with a non-rounded toe.  It's been about two weeks, while I wouldn't say I LOVE them, they have been my shoes of choice most days.

I'm trying to wear different things in my wardrobe at the moment. I tend to get stuck on the same outfits and wear them to death. Summer never really happened here so a lot of my summer clothing will be following me into winter with layers over the top hopefully without too many new additions.
I had a day at home and picked out some of the some things I don't really wear that often to give them a second (in some cases first) chance to win me over.  Paired with the new shows I don't mind what I came up with.