Thursday, 10 December 2009

Circle Skirt Extras

Lady Melbourne was kind enough to share with us a tutorial on how to make a circle skirt.
So due to my love of these skirts and wanting to save for a house, I saw this as a chance to get crafty and save money.

So off I went to spotlight found some material and set off to make my skirt. All was going well until I went to cut out my skirt.
The tutorial calls for you to fold the material twice, once horizontally and then once vertically. This left me with a rectangle. This is where my problem was, if I kept going my skirt would have to be a mini! This image should give you an idea of what happened.

So for this to work for I need to find material that was a lot wider. I also found this tutorial which is also really helpful and the person who writes it is really very talented, she has so many different tutorials and ideas you should take a look at her whole blog.