Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Things I think I Want

I have a list, a very very long list of things I want. Notice I didn't use need? I'm not deluding myself here, all these things are wants. I have been very good and trying not to give in, but I just end up buying other things instead because they were not on my want list which I was trying to avoid it's OK?

Of course its not OK,  I'm  now buying even more things and feeling like I'm missing out because I'm not getting any of the things on my mind. Why is it so hard? I'm trying every trick in the book at the moment, not going to shopping centers, avoiding my computer other than blogs and social networking, reasoning with myself , asking "why do you need this?' or 'how do you feel right now? but its not working. I don't think there is a simple answer, its mostly likely a lot of things all rolled up.

So in another attempt I'm going to make a list. Here Goes (in no order a all):

 ( I was given one for my birthday but it was faulty and they couldn't replace it, I have a lovely brooch now instead but would still really like a watch. This one is wind-up not battery which is what's helping me hold off.)   

I guess its not that long after all? 

Thursday, 23 June 2011

A cup of tea Mr Owl?

Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers: 
Why: Birthday present from my friend Ange.
What: It sits on display on the kitchen shelf.
When: June 2009
Want: YES!

Tea Cups: 
Why: Randomly selected as cheaply as I could for a new years party where we had planned to drink cocktails out of them. They ware not in the best condition but I was after something that it wouldn't matter if they broke.
What: It sits on display on the kitchen shelf.
When: December 2009
Want: They look pretty and are handy for parties.

Friday, 17 June 2011

A frown on a sunny day

I have a sore lip at the moment so I can't smile, it leaves me with a stupid look on my face most of the time, and it often looks like I'm frowning when I'm not.

I moved my sewing machine into the lounge room to be near the heater to save on bills (running two heaters is a waste) and it was the best thing I could have done. I was able to finish a skirt in 3 nights with out having to really set aside a bit chunk of time.

The skirt was Simplicity 2698, I found the pattern at Salvos in Coburg for $3 which I was very happy about. It has about 5 different skirts and 4 different waist bands to pick from. It was confusing at first, but once I worked out I wanted Skirt J and waist B it worked like a normal pattern. The only problem I run into was that I forgot I wanted waist B and cut out A.


I think the skirt turned out really well, I even lined it which was not included in the pattern. Not sure about my fabric selection, I love the fabric and the pattern but I you can’t see the details of the skirt because the fabric is so busy. I think this skirt will work really well as a solid colour, and maybe different colours pockets. The fabric I might get more of but really can’t work out what pattern would suit it.  Looking at the photos i think its a bit longer than i would like but in winter thats not a bad thing.

The photos are a little sunny but it was the best i could get!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Lost + Found Market

On Sunday I had went to High Tea for my birthday and then after we went to Lost + Found Market on Smith St. I had never been before but loved it. I was really lucky and found a shirt and two dresses.  I wore one of the dresses to work today, I'm guessing its forties but i don't really know. I think I will  need to be take up just a little, to knee length and it will be perfect.


PS: It's really embarrassing to have your photo taken in the middle of a lane when people keep walking past. 

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Secret Toy Garden

So I have a little garden of cute toys, after thinking about it they seem to be gifts from my awesome friends.

Hagu (Hagumi Hanamoto) 
When: June 2009
What: On display in my figurine book case
Why: Alison gave it to my for my Birthday, I had looked everywhere when I was in japan for one, but didn’t find any. She ordered it of eBay and surprised me with it
Want: I <3 it so much!

Soft Owl
When: 2008
What: Cute little fabric owl!
Why: My friend Jessie made it for me.
Want: Yep 

When:  2005 .
What: Kiki from Kiki’s delivery service
Why: Leo brought it back from her trip to Japan and the Ghibli museum
Want: Yep

Little Japanese Doll
When: 2008
What: It looks cute on my shelf.
Why: Gift from Jessie
Want: Yep.

Small Owl
When: 2009 Zoo Trip
What: its a cute little owl I found at the Melbourne Zoo, it also doubles as a mini for when I play DnD 
Why: Because I like owls and it was a souvenir from a fun trip to the zoo.
Want: Yep. 

Gray Cat
When: 2009 Japan
What: Cute little gray cat one day evil monster in DnD the next.
Why: I found this in a little shop we found Nara after we followed a small hidden path.
Want: ^_^

Tiny Kitty
When: 2004
What: It looks cute on my shelf .. sometimes the head falls off too.
Why: I made it with polymer clay
Want: Yep.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Live in LaLa Land I do

Over the past two years I have taken a big interest in fashion, sewing and vintage inspired clothing. It’s not something that came out of the blue, I have always liked pretty dresses but I was just never very confident of my looks so felt they didn't suit me or I was over dressed.

 Working in a corporate environment I was able to eased out of my jeans and band t-shirt combo, into something slightly more dressed up and as I grew more comfortable I was able to experiment with different styles (of black of course). This flowed over to my everyday clothing and now I'm happy to put on almost anything and not feel over dressed. I think this is something everyone goes through, for some it happens when they are teenagers for others its later.  

It took me a while to learn this but my motto is you have to “own your look.” Sometimes you leave the house looking great but other times you realise too late your wearing a something not so great. When this happens you need to except it and walk around like you look great anyway. If you spend the day head down shoulders slumped because your don't like the way you look by the end of the day you're going to feel terrible and your confidence will be rock bottom. Whereas if you spent the day head high, shoulders back without a care in the world, you may be wearing a sack but you owned your choice and while in your eyes the sack wasn't the greatest choice, at the end of the day you will feel much better because in the end no one matters but you.
Today I'm wearing a black dress I found at savers on the weekend. I loved it when I tried it on, loved in when I put it on this morning but by the time I got to work today I was a lot less fond of it.  


Dress: Savers (table eight) // Cardigan: Barkins // Bag: eBay / Cape (in my hands) Dotti // Shoes: Mountfords  

It felt too small and too short, I fixed the too small part simply enough. Winter is so cold here that I had put a long sleeve black top on under it, after I took that top off it fit again. Its still too short when I'm sitting down, but I can live with that. 

The only real drawback is that my knees are cold!

I even went to the trouble of getting photos taken only to discover my camera phone turned all the details of the dress into a black blob!

For the DITP I picked the Cardigan: 

When: 2010 or 2009… I don't remember. 
What: It's my comfy extra cold day cardie. It's a bit big but had pretty buttons so that balances it out. 
Why: I needed a black cardigan that was a nicer than your stranded basic. 
         It was also back when I didn't wear skirt on my waist so I needed one with a bit more length 
Want: Yeah, it's good for the extra cold days  

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Wishing for Spring

I have a cold and its truly starting to be winter in Melbourne.So I'm longing for warmer weather already, but I have months to wait. I'm packing away my summer clothing and I'm finding I have very little clothing suitable for winter. I keep trying to remember what I wore last winter, but all I can remember are jeans and jumpers and that I hated that I could never find jeans that fit. 


Why:  Since I lived in Newcastle I’m no longer a winter person, I feel the cold all the time. Last year I was impatiently waiting for spring because I knew it meant summer, we had moved house in July and were attempting to put out stamp on the new place. Michael agreed to buy me four (they were buy 1 get on free) cherry blooms as they were a sure sign of spring and reminded me of Japan.
What: They are in my backyard looking very sad. They have been infected with Cherry Tree slugs again and the spiders have moved in as well. I think they need to go in the ground. But I don't have anywhere to put them.  This weekend I'm going to give them a good spray to get rid of the pest and see if I can find somewhere to plant them.
When: September 2011
Want: Yes but I don't think I'm giving them the best home.