Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Things I think I Want

I have a list, a very very long list of things I want. Notice I didn't use need? I'm not deluding myself here, all these things are wants. I have been very good and trying not to give in, but I just end up buying other things instead because they were not on my want list which I was trying to avoid it's OK?

Of course its not OK,  I'm  now buying even more things and feeling like I'm missing out because I'm not getting any of the things on my mind. Why is it so hard? I'm trying every trick in the book at the moment, not going to shopping centers, avoiding my computer other than blogs and social networking, reasoning with myself , asking "why do you need this?' or 'how do you feel right now? but its not working. I don't think there is a simple answer, its mostly likely a lot of things all rolled up.

So in another attempt I'm going to make a list. Here Goes (in no order a all):

 ( I was given one for my birthday but it was faulty and they couldn't replace it, I have a lovely brooch now instead but would still really like a watch. This one is wind-up not battery which is what's helping me hold off.)   

I guess its not that long after all? 

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