Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My Heart Closet

A few weeks ago I ordered this dress for myself a birthday present (yes I buy myself presents)


I knew I wanted it but I was unsure of what colour to get. I loved the green in the photo, but didn't know if I could wear that much green. I love navy but I thought I already owned a lot of… in the end my friend Alison came to the rescue and suggested navy with a cream collar. As soon as she said it I didn't want anything else. (They didn't have cream but off white worked just as well)

I measured myself maybe 100 times before I sent my details and the dress is a perfect fit.

If you need a dress and want something custom fitted I would recommend this Etsy shop as a good place to look. That said I would also recommend Leah May who is based here in Melbourne at the moment as well. I have two dresses from her that I love and live in, I need to take photos of them for here soon.

The brooch in the photo is a birthday present from Alison, it is what the watch I listed in my last post replaced.

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