Thursday, 21 July 2011

In the blink of an eye its gone!

I blew my budget in 2 days!

As i mentioned in the last post I had already spend $34, but I then placed an order for a custom made winter coat which cost $135 including express post. This left me with $131.... which i then spent at the hairdressers.
I now have Ombré hair, it was spur of the the moment.

I have really like it on Drew Barrymore (when she had it) but didn't think it was  for me, I wanted red hair that was low maintenance and that resulted in this:

PS: Sorry for the crappy photos taken in the bathroom of my work....

Not sure if I like it yet, but its growing on me. What do you think of Ombré hair is it a good look or a bit silly?
Also why does my hair never feel like its getting longer! I want long long hair.

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  1. because you get it trimmed every 6 weeks! :P