Friday, 8 July 2011

I'll take the lot!

Do you ever walk into a store (chain) and find yourself thinking I could wear almost everything in here? Sometimes it easy to go window shopping. Walking in an out of shops seeing one or two things that are OK, but you can resist and live without them, other times I find it really hard. I went into Glassons on the weekend and it was one of those times. They have a 50s and 60s theme going at the moment so the cut and shape are what I like, but really it's the colours that have me.
So much for Melbourne being the city of black, this winter it’s been the last colour I wanted to wear. Instead I have been favoring navy, rusty reds, burnt yellow, creams and greens… pretty much anything without pink tones. (nothing wrong with pink its just not what my brain wants!)
Getting back to my point, I'm struggling with that fact I want to own half the clothing in Glassons at the moment but I have no need for any of it. I was in a need of a few jumpers but last week I found two for $7 each and purchased the Laura Ashley one I had been eying off.

Here is my brief(Lol!) list of what I want from Glassons

I tried both of these dresses one and they fit (apart from the fact that they sit 5 inches from my knees.) I think the first one I could add some chunky lace to make it a but longer but they are both really pretty.

These two skirts I have not tired on. I think I will either love or hate them when i put them on, I like them because they are outside of my current zone of comfort.

These two top I tried on in smaller sizes than the models wear for a fitted feel and I want one of each in all the colours they have on offer. (I want that red skirt, but its not for sale anymore... at least not on the website.)

So after I sat down to make a list of what I liked I find its not as long as i thought it would be. I guess this is a process we go through in the change room, but when you window shop miss out on?

Well I'm going o continue to resist the urge to buy the lot and maybe settle on one jumper?

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