Friday, 29 July 2011

Back to 0

So I made it back to 0, it wasn't easy. I was worried I may have a shopping explosion, this is how I refer to the times when I go shopping and don’t consider what I’m buying or that cost. It’s the when you go from shop to shop buying anything that catches your eye, it’s binge shopping. Not healthy at all.
I was really itching to buy something last weekend, in the end I in caved and went shopping but ended up buying nothing! I just kept reminding myself that I was dipping into this fortnight and found nothing I wanted enough to do that.
Yesterday with a clean spending slate I went to Glasson’s to get one (or maybe both) of the dresses I posted about and found that had sold out totally in my size (and for the orange dress in all sizes) within a week of release (I knew they were awesome.) I don’t feel upset and I’m not feeling like I can’t live without them. It just proves once again the world won’t end if I don’t own something. And that’s what this is all about really, reminding myself I don’t need possessions to be happy.
I will admit that I truly believe that when I’m wearing something that I think makes me look good, I feel good and I’m more confident which allows me to achieve better results in many places, but as I also posted before I have learnt even if when I’m not sure I like what I’m wearing if I make it my own I will have the same results. So just to remind myself possessions aren’t everything
On to a lighter note, for the past week Lincraft have had a ½ price sales for the past week, When I first saw it I got a little too happy, realising it might result in an explosion, I went in armed with only my camera. I went thought all the fabric took a photo and left. For the past week I have been matching the fabric with patterns. This has helped arrow down what I could buy as I didn’t’ want to buy too much fabric without a plan. I have posted below what I came up with:


  1. Love your choice Lauren! You're going to look gorgeously fantastic in all these outfits!

  2. I went back to buy the fabric and most of them were sold out! I ended up just getting the white polka dot fabric.

    Plus a bunch oh fabric from savers! Need to take photos and to show everyone.