Monday, 10 October 2011

Well I’m back!

A month and no updates, you all most likely thought this blog was dead, but it’s not. I went on holidays for a month and didn't want to advertise my house was empty. Three weeks away one in China and two in Japan. This means I have lots photos and details of place I have been to come. Since getting home I have also been reminded of how much stuff I have. I really want to do a clean out but it seems wasteful and Michael had advised me it just an excuse to buy more things. But the feeling stayed with me so my first weekend back was spent cleaning, and clearing out.  I so far have 2 boxes of things to donate, and I also pledged to Buy Nothing New for the both of October so I can't just run out and fill the spaces these things came from. This month is also going to be very busy as I have two weddings, both of them in a different state. Lucky for me the first is in Sydney the weekend of the Love Vintage Fair.  I'm looking forward to browsing all the pretty dresses. 

A proper update soon.