Thursday, 9 June 2011

Secret Toy Garden

So I have a little garden of cute toys, after thinking about it they seem to be gifts from my awesome friends.

Hagu (Hagumi Hanamoto) 
When: June 2009
What: On display in my figurine book case
Why: Alison gave it to my for my Birthday, I had looked everywhere when I was in japan for one, but didn’t find any. She ordered it of eBay and surprised me with it
Want: I <3 it so much!

Soft Owl
When: 2008
What: Cute little fabric owl!
Why: My friend Jessie made it for me.
Want: Yep 

When:  2005 .
What: Kiki from Kiki’s delivery service
Why: Leo brought it back from her trip to Japan and the Ghibli museum
Want: Yep

Little Japanese Doll
When: 2008
What: It looks cute on my shelf.
Why: Gift from Jessie
Want: Yep.

Small Owl
When: 2009 Zoo Trip
What: its a cute little owl I found at the Melbourne Zoo, it also doubles as a mini for when I play DnD 
Why: Because I like owls and it was a souvenir from a fun trip to the zoo.
Want: Yep. 

Gray Cat
When: 2009 Japan
What: Cute little gray cat one day evil monster in DnD the next.
Why: I found this in a little shop we found Nara after we followed a small hidden path.
Want: ^_^

Tiny Kitty
When: 2004
What: It looks cute on my shelf .. sometimes the head falls off too.
Why: I made it with polymer clay
Want: Yep.

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