Monday, 23 May 2011

What happened?

 So after over two months with no update, I thought it was about time to post something.

This blog came to a grinding holt for a few reasons, the first being I got busy. Life took over and Internet time reduced to 5 minutes here and there on etsy or Facebook.

The other was that while the plan to reduce my spending had started with good intentions it was heading down a dark path and I was unhappy.
I know what your thinking, over reacting much? It's just shopping.

But it was like a diet, I was starving myself and only eating grapefruit. So then I would crack eat a whole block of delicious, delicious chocolate(large expensive purchase) and then beat myself up over. I even started to think Michael was really angry at me every time I brought something. In the end I had become a mess of guilt and unhappiness. 

 I had to just let go for a bit, it amounted to a bit of shopping but not as much as expected, it was slower and more controlled but naturally not forced. I still understand my dependence on buying thing to be happy is not a good, but I will work on the over time.

 I also gave myself time to sit down and sew, I was getting hung up on wrecking my nice fabric but I knew there was no point in keeping it around. Once I let go I found making things was fun and rewarding. Some of them have turned out different to how I imagined, everything has turned out too big, but it’s fun to nut out how to fix them. I have 3 new skirts, that cost me under $50. I have a dress and another skirt in the works.  Because of these new skills I now go to a store, and think “I could make that for Under $20 and you want $XXXX for it?”

 As for where this blog will go, I still like the idea of focusing on things I own,  remembering why I have something was a good lesson. So I think I will keep going but maybe I will post an item a day instead. I also think Daily Outfit post would help remind me of clothing I own and how I have worn something previously. My only problem is I find having my photo taken unpleasant. But we’ll see.

Edit: I should add Michael was not annoyed with me at all, it was all in my head.

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