Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sunny Melbourne Day in July

We have had the nicest weather these past few days, ranging from 18 - 22  Degrees in the middle of winter. I was surprised that rather then buy something new, I wanted to unpack my summer clothing.  I didn't as I know its going to change again back to cold,  instead I just opted to wear some of my not so winter and not so summer clothing instead.

We all have items that float between the seasons and I often find I undervalue them. I think this is because they get worn so much they lose their unique appeal.

I have two black skirts that fall into this category, they are both made of  what I call "Raincoat" material. This makes them a bit too light for winter as the wind cuts right through and a bit heavy in summer as they really don't breath.  On the plus they are never get wrinkly and stain, but I do think they would melt if I sat to close to the heater.

Skirt: Jacqui-E // Cardie: Valleygirl // Shirt: Barkins // Shoes: Hush Puppies 
 Handbag: Ebay // Brooch: Gift from Leo

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