Thursday, 18 August 2011

Knock me off

I really want a pair of swedish hasbeens in the styles below:

But I will not buy shoes without trying them on as I sit in the 41-43 range and nowhere stocks them. So I have come to a stalemate. It was the same with the Melissa's I really wanted a pair of UltraGirls but nowhere had the size 41/42, until last week when I went to the pop up store only to find they are too small.
I was explaining to a friend who owns a pair and has for years, how I can't wait for summer when the market is flooded with knock-offs and she was a little put out by this, she didn't like that her shoes were going to be on everyone.

It started me thinking (not about my friend but people in general) do the people who hate knockoffs do so because they feel they paid more therefore they deserve to be part of a restricted group? Do these same people ever consider what it would be like not to be able to fit into designer clothing or do they just see it as another way of setting themselves apart?

I have no problem with reproductions because it's generally the only way I can get an item I'm after that fits me because I don't often fit into straight sizes in shoes or clothing. I know a lot of people use the “but it takes away from the designers livelihood” but should I care when the designer doesn't care I can't fit into their products? I'm more than happy to pay a lot of money and buy custom made or locally designed clothing when they fit, but if they don't should I feel bad when I take a photo of an item that doesn't and then head home to my sewing machine or have someone make a copy? Or even head to the chain store next door and buy an almost identical item in my size?

I have over the years - because of this - found I will wear clothing and shoes from just about anywhere, my only real requirement (aside from them looking pretty) is quality and availability, price only factors in when the quality is low. Labels don't mean anything to me, unless it's the care instructions.

And thats the end to my rant! 

(I added random photos from my phone so it wasn't so wordy) 

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