Sunday, 14 August 2011

Strawberries and Lace

I had friends in town this weekend so I have been running around for the past few days. Today was the last day they were here and it was a nice simple walk around the city.

Skirt: DIY // Jumper: Asos // Brooch: Rose st Markets

Yesterday we went to Rose St Markets and I found this cute little brooch. When my boyfriend saw it, he pointed out I shouldn't wear it on my left side above my heart as it would be disrespectful to the soldiers who were awarded real ones and I think this makes sense. Super Kawaii Mama wrote in a post:

"To give an example of something else I believe is beautiful but has also unintentionally caused offence and hurt stemming from a similar historical context is this. Once, when all dressed up in my 1940′s outfit, hair done and ready to hit the dance floor; I was told in no uncertain terms just how insensitive this was. The venue for the dance was my local RSL Club (this is Returned Service Man’s League Club for those of you overseas), and the problem was that by dressing in war era style at a venue where many elderly soldiers went socially, it caused great distress by bringing back memories of the war...." The rest of the post is here

Just food for thought, I guess it just reiterates that fashion, clothing and how you dress/present ourselves really does mean more than some people think.

On a less serious note, the jumper is my first purchase from Asos and I'm pretty disappointed. I love the colour, the lace and the shape, but it is really poor quality. It doesn't keep its shape for longer then 30 minutes and after that turns into a sack. I guess because most of my internet purchase have been from Etsy so either secondhand or handmade I think I thought internet quality was automatically high, but it guess that's not the case. It just makes me think twice about buying from Asos. Also the fact they claim all item are the same measurements regards less of brand, and I know for a fact this is a load of kitty poo, but it makes it really hard to take the gamble as I'm between two sizes (aren't we all!)

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