Monday, 29 August 2011

Nesting & Berry coloured tops

For the past few weeks I have found myself shopping mostly at Op shop. I have been a fan of them for as long as I can remember, but it's always been to supplement my shopping from chain stores. I have found so many great things these past few weeks dresses, fabric and household goods, there is never a shortage of choice.
I went into a Sam's Warehouse to get something - I can't even remember what it was now -  and I ended up in the homeware’s area looking at all the vases and statues and little items I could buy. I looked around and found while it was all very pretty there was nothing here I could not find at an op shop to reuse. The more I thought about it I realised a lot this stuff has no purpose other than look pretty, and I own a huge amount of it. I'm a huge nester.
Looking around my house I think about items that would make the cut if I have to down size and I find its only items that have a story attached or were given to me. This is a huge area of spending I think I can focused on cutting out/down on.  Maybe apply a rule one in one out, but I still feel this is wasteful unless the item is broken. 
I had a doona that was a bit dirty... truth is my cat had weeded on it. I was torn between throwing it out and getting a new one for around $60 or taking it to the dry cleaners and getting it cleaned for $45. In the end I took it to the dry cleaners as buying a new one seemed wasteful. When I got it back I left it in the plastic to stay clean until I needed it, only to find when I pulled it out the wee stains where even more noticeable and something they had done had made it smell even more strongly. By now it was too late to go back and complain but in trying to do what i saw as the right thing I ended up wasting $45. The doona is now at Ingrid's warming some of the cats which is fine but I now refuse to buy a replacement. Its been almost a year now and I still haven't replaced it, and I don't think I will, because in the end I have worked out I really didn't need it. It makes me wonder how many items I could live without if I just gave myself some cooling off time.
The top below was found the day of my birthday high tea at the lost and found markets. It's really fun to wear, but I have to be in the right frame of mine when I do, defiantly not on a I hate my wardrobe day. The skirt was a gift from a friend who brought it for herself but didn't like it on. I don't know it if would ever pair them like this again, but at the time i thought it was a good idea.

 Top:Lost and Found // Skirt: Etsy // Belt: Glassons

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