Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sewing with the pattern upside down

Do you ever read the instruction in a sewing pattern and go "Huh" ?
With every new pattern I find myself totally confused, twisting the page to different angles to see how what they are explaining relates to the picture and my fabric in front of me.  

Recently I tried buttonhole's, I have never sewn any kind of buttonhole so this was always going to be a learning experience. I ended up doing what I have found works best…. followed the odd and sometimes insane sounding instructions, more often than not I have found what they are saying might sound strange but works out in the end. 

I took some photos to show you what I did,


Looking at the end results I was pretty happy and while the holes are a good deal bigger than they were meant to be, I just guessed it was time for some extra large buttons. 

It turns out I was wrong, there are a few more steps I had missed. I found this out when I went to my trusted resource (aside from my mum) Youtube. The video below shows a few different ways of sewing bound buttons I used the basic way not the new way she came up with as I has already started.

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