Saturday, 15 January 2011

Today I brought 3 new pieces of clothing.Two of them where items I mentioned the other day, both were 30% off so they were the price i was willing to pay for them. On a whim I ducked into City Chic and found this

It’s perfect; I had been on the hunt for a navy dress. The white piping adds that 50's sailor look without going overboard (pun not intended) and looking like a costume. I like City Chic because it’s the only place I can buy an extra small!

The other items were a black wrap dress from Stitches and a denim skirt from Piper (Myer brand).

So once again I didn't do so well with the whole no shopping plan, here are my already owned items

This is a two for one, Bunny:

Why Bunny!
When Aug 10
What Sits on my mantel place looking cute
Do Yes


Why This photo shows only half the set, it's really a Coffee/Tea cup and pot stack.
When 2008
What The cup sits on my mantel place looking cute with the bunny, and the pot collects my buttons. All the buttons from clothing find a home in it.
Do Yes

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  1. I love the bunny. I LOVE the City Chic dress. Catherine.