Friday, 7 January 2011

One Day Delay

Yesterday my feet took me to Myer as it has two things I really want, a black dress and a denim skirt. I went to find out of they had been reduced, they hadn't but the all stockings and tight were 30% off.

When I saw these I couldn't help myself, I now own

Natural fishnet 'Burlesque Legs' back seam tights

Today was better, I did buy something but they were needed and Michael approved. With all the free time I have from not shopping I have taken up a little gardening. My flowers are looking sad with the heat we have here and watering with a can just wasn't enough so my hose now has a trigger. It is required by law here to water with a hose. To keep things neat we also purchased a hose winder.

I also sneaked in a hanging flower basket, which I will take a photo of it tomorrow. It has lovely white and purple flowers and hangs at my front door.

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