Monday, 31 January 2011

La Manna

I was located at the main office last monday. This should have made it simple to not shop, being away from the city and shops, it didn't. I went to lunch at the new supermarket over the road. La Manna is an Italian supermarkets built in an old airport hangar and it is huge. It sells a range of products and it was very tempting to fill up a basket of cooling looking food and kitchen product. I tempted when I came across a range of cute vintage looking baking dishes for $4.80.

I just thought of the cute baking dishes I already own and walked away. But I was very tempted. If you live near by, it's worth a look, not overpriced and has some yummy food woollies and Coles don't stock.

Why   Cute!
When  July 2010
What   It's not being used at the moment, but that is because until two days ago it was filled with little jellies.
           I didn't like the taste so I handed them out to people to eat at a BBQ. It is now empy and can be
          used to store my sewing things.
Do     Yes


  1. I would have been tempted too. Cute bowls. Catherine.

  2. They still have them! I went to get dinner today and they are still pretty.