Monday, 17 January 2011

Lunch Time Fun

I'm back at work, and wanted to go for a walk at lunch time...

So I walked straight down to the shops. I did pretty well, I found this cool looking deco kit

It was reduced to $20 but you then got another 30% off, Bargain! It wasn't glue on, it was hammer on with claws. In the end i didn't get it! I hope some crafty person finds it and puts it to the a good use.

I progressed along the street ending up in Diva, I almost walked out empty handed but as I was leaving I saw the cutest owls necklace. He just seemed to have such a personality i got him. His feathers move, so cute!

and because I shopped here two two brooches I own


Why I wanted some brooch's to jazz up my work clothing
When Aug 09
What Looks lovely on many of my cardies
Do Yes

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