Sunday, 13 February 2011

Etsy and Ebay

I even after my questioning the whole making my own clothing things, I'm going ahead with it because, it keeps me away from the shops and I already brought about 4 vintage patterns. I started looking on Etsy for vintage patterns after i found a blog (no longer updated) by a girl my size sewing vintage patterns. I had given up hope they come in my size, but in truth i never really looked.

 After i received them I started to wondered what Half-size meant, it was on all the patterns I had picked. A quick look on the Internet and I found out that all the of patterns were for people who were 5ft 3in. Half sizes were for matrons (people over 30 apparently)  the photo below explains it all. I'm 5ft9in or 5ft 10in so while they fit in the measurements, they will be too short in the body.

I'm going to make them anyway, they seem to have details on how to lengthen them built in. I also have a new pile of fabric as lincraft had 50% off all fabric. I was slightly good, I only got material based on how much I needed for a specific pattern.

and because I shopped

Why    I had started to crochet again and I thought it would be cute to make
           Matilda wear a frog hat, the maker also gave me a cute bear one too.
When  Aug 2010
What   I never even started it, but I will one day....
Do      It's a PDF... and Yes I do want it.

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